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Sáng ngày 30 tháng 10, 2017 khi hai Linh mục Đaminh Phạm Xuân Kế, quản hạt Đông Tháp và Giuse Nguyễn Ngọc Ngự, quản xứ Đông Kiều được UBND xã Diễn Mỹ mời làm việc liên quan đến tài sản giáo dân Đông Kiều bị hủy hoại, thì bị uy hiếp bởi hằng trăm người thuộc “Liên Minh Cờ Đỏ” ngay trước cổng Ủy Ban.

Vì sao nhóm người dữ dằn với những hành vi kích động bạo lực, lại dám ngang nhiên lộng hành trước cơ quan chính quyền, mà các cơ quan chức năng lại không có động thái gì?

Điều này ắt không phải là ngẫu nhiên.



Engaging Vietnam on Human Rights

Posted: September 9, 2014 in Thời sự

Engaging Vietnam on Human Rights

When human rights in Vietnam are discussed in the international community it is invariably the nation’s track record on freedom of speech, or lack thereof, which takes precedence. The communist nation is regularly excoriated for its human rights track record, by which critics usually mean the locking up of bloggers, but the issues that so concern many of those same bloggers – corruption, police brutality, and workers’ rights, among others – are often all but absent from the majority of discussions about human rights, at least publicly.


Press Release: On the brutal attack of the Vietnamese government against parishioners of My Yen, Nghe An in the diocese of Vinh
The Federation of Vietnamese Catholic Mass Media9/7/2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.September 07, 2013 – The Federation of Vietnamese Catholic Mass Media protests before the international community and sternly condemns the ongoing harsh persecution of Catholics by the Vietnamese government.

The date of September 04, 2013 should have been a joyful day of Catholics in the diocese of Vinh in Vietnam, as it was the day that the new auxiliary bishop of the diocese was installed. However, the Vietnamese government turned it into a day of mourning.

On that very afternoon, hundreds of public security agents, riot police, militia, professionally trained dogs brutally attacked a group of parishioners of My Yen, in the province of Nghe An.

At 3:30 pm, pursuant to the Promissory Note of the local government, signed on Sept 3, 2013, a group of parishioners of My Yen parish came to the office of the People Committee of Nghi Phuong commune to pick up and take two other parishioners – Peter Ngo Van Khoi and Anthony Nguyen Van Hai – who had been arrested illegally for unknown reasons.

Upon their arrival, they were surprised to learn that there was no such commitment to be undertaken. In contrary, the authorities were planning a large scale deployment with hundreds of public security agents, riot police, militia, professionally trained dogs, tear gas. .. to block the entrance to office of the People’s Committee of Nghi Phuong commune.

When a small group of Mr Khoi and Mr Hai relatives approaching the barbed- wire fence of the mobile police with the intention of going into the office of the People’s Committee, they were immediately met with tear gas, sticks, clubs, explosives, professional dogs. .. as the barbaric attack was launched. Many people fainted; the rest became panic stricken and ran off everywhere. Several ran off to take refuge at the houses across the street from the office of the People’s Committee of the Commune.