Ai chờ ai mùa thu

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Tùy bút

Mùa thu Canada qua ống kính Phương Anh…

Ai chờ ai mùa thu

Góp nhặt vần thơ

Bóng thời gian

Thu hoài cố hương

Phương Ý

Ao Lua

Nắng buồn

Tình Ca Mùa Thu

Con đường

Chân thành cảm ơn Phương Anh đã gợi bao kỷ niệm xa xưa với những hình ảnh mang tâm tình Mùa Thu Tới…

  1. NQT says:

    Dear PA,
    Must admit that the Canadian Mapple leaves do best in the color changing business when the autumn arrives. I like the first pic in this email as it has a three dimensional effect of space, time and the tunnel itself as it almost rounded shape at the end if the sun light darken the area around it a little bit more…You might have to go back to shoot several more when the sun light changes versus time, just a suggestion…., don’t kill yourself.
    It is a weekend job.
    Enjoy your pics very much…

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