Happy New Year!

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Tùy bút

Thân gửi các bạn Lời đầu năm từ Ngô Quang Tuấn 


  1. phuoc says:

    Every line reminds me of the ideology of justice, equality, welfare for all, that we, freshers of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Saigon, 1974, once possessed. But that world of ideals came to an abrupt halt when our youth was destroyed by a force of evil. We were drifted (literally) apart, and unknown to each other, everyone rebuilt his/her own individual live. But God bless us all, subconciously we are still connected by a mere, simple but powerful word, “friendship”.

    Sun Yat has achieved his objectives in writing these beautiful words, at least with two persons. You, for reminding us of whom we used to be, and most importantly letting us know you are still out there thinking about us; and me, who will not, and refuse to, WAIT until tomorrow to say that I am SO,SO,SO TRULY happy to hear from you.

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